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Planning a visit?

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Here's What to Expect

Casual Atmosphere:
Jeans are the normal attire around here, no need to dress up. If you'd like to dress up, you're more than welcome to, but even our pastor usually wears jeans and a casual shirt. The atmosphere is laid back and modern, nothing too fancy. 


Authentic Worship:
We are designed to worship God with our entire lives, and modern music, multi-media, and creative elements allow us to encounter God with various senses.  


Relevant Teaching:
We believe the Bible is God's life-giving Word, not just relevant 2,000 years ago but vital for every person's life today and every single situation we face. Because of this belief, we unashamedly teach right out of scripture. After all, what could be more relevant to life than our Creator's own words to us?


Where do I go when I arrive?
If you're not sure where to go when you arrive, come in through the front doors and one of our hosts or hostesses will personally escort you to where you need to go or assist you with where to take your children. Our Kids buildings are all labeled on the front of the building.


Will there be room for me?
We have 2 services on Sunday, so there's room for you and your friends!

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